Cool Things To Do in Bermuda

The next time you head out on vacation you should consider a trip to Bermuda. Bermuda, located in the North Atlantic Ocean, is a prime vacation destination because of the many delightful spots to visit and other things to do in Bermuda. Here is a list of cool things to do in Bermuda:

1. Rising Son Catamaran Cruise & Snorkeling 

Bermuda Things To Do Cool
Source: Expedia

Climb aboard the Rising Son II catamaran and join its crew for a fun and relaxing sailing trip around Bermuda. Spend your time soaking in sun, snorkeling, and playing in the warm tropical waters on this relaxing half-day adventure.

2. Gosling’s Rum Tasting Cruise

Bermuda Things To Do
Source: Expedia

See the best sights and taste the best rum that Bermuda has to offer as you sail along the shoreline and learn the history of the island. Explore beautiful sunset seascapes and get a real taste of island life that is sure to put you in the Bermuda ‘spirit.’

3. Bermuda SNUBA Excursion

Bermuda Things To Do Cool
Source: Expedia

Take the plunge as you go snorkeling and beyond with the Bermuda SNUBA experience. SNUBA is a patented shallow-water diving system that combines the simplicity and ease of snorkeling with the excitement of diving. SNUBA is safe and easy, and requires no previous diving or snorkeling experience.

4. Dolphin Quest

Bermuda Things To Do
Source: Expedia

Immerse yourself in the underwater world of Atlantic bottle nose dolphins, getting up close and personal with these friendly creatures under the supervision of an experienced trainer. Choose from 4 different programs to get the most out of your time in the tank with these gentle marine mammals.

5. Shipwreck Snorkeling Cruise

Bermuda Things To Do
Courtesy of  Expedia

Bermuda’s 200 miles of beaches and colorful coral make it a perfect place to go sailing and sightseeing. Despite its beauty, danger lurks in the reefs beneath the crystal-clear waters, making it home to more than 300 shipwrecks. On this tour, get a chance to see two of these shipwrecks up close.

If you are visiting Bermuda, plan your vacation and take advantage of the special deals on Expedia here or click the image below.  Have a great vacation!!

Bermuda Things To Do
Courtesy of Elite Alliance

Reference: Expedia


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