Fun Things To Do in Salvador

Salvador is crammed with must-see places to visit and things to do. Here is a list of fun things to do in Salvador, Brazil:

1. Bahia by Night Dinner Show

Salvador Brazil fun things to do
Courtesy of Expedia

Lose yourself in a night of magic, mystery, and amusement in Bahia with a show that highlights Brazil’s traditional culture and entertainment. Relish a dinner with some of the region’s main specialties, and admire the performances with folk elements exploring the country’s Afro-Brazilian roots.

2. Mangue Seco Tour with Buggy Ride

Salvador Brazil Fun Things to do
Courtesy of Expedia

Journey to Mangue Seco, a tiny fisherman village of 200 inhabitants, famous for its natural beauty and deserted strips of sand. Cross a river in a canoe, ride over sand dunes in an off-road buggy, and grab a siesta in a hammock to finish off your tour of one Bahia’s most scenic areas.

3. Historical City Tour

Salvador Brazil Fun Things to do
Courtesy of Expedia

Hit the streets of Salvador’s historic downtown and learn about the city’s rich history, beautiful architecture, and vibrant culture. Led by professional guides, this tour will take you to the remarkable Barra Lighthouse, Teatro Castro Alves, Forte de São Pedro, and Praça Castro Alves.

4. Praia Do Forte Tour

Salvador Brazil Fun Things to do
Courtesy of Expedia

Venture to the paradisiacal beach of Praia do Forte and see the clear waters, white sands, and tropical climate that helped earn its reputation as the Brazilian Polynesia. Learn about Projeto TAMAR, the ambitious sea turtle conservation effort, and relax under the palms of Praia Guarajuba.

5. Panoramic Tour of Salvador

Salvador Brazil Fun Things to do
Courtesy of Expedia

Discover Salvador’s highlights on this comprehensive tour to the city’s most important landmarks. Soak up the best panoramic views as you visit historical monuments, a market, and the local soccer stadium.

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[Salvador, Brazil]

Reference: Expedia

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